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I am Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at The State University of New York at Albany. My areas of specialization are Philosophy of Biology and Bioethics. My research focuses on conceptual and ethical issues arising from advances in genetics and biotechnology.


2023 "From Depressed Mice to Depressed Patients: A Less "Standardized" Approach to Improving Translation," Biology and Philosophy
2023 "Diversity and inclusion for rodents: how animal ethics committees can help improve translation," Journal of Medical Ethics
2021 "Research guidelines for embryoids," Journal of Medical Ethics 47:e67
2021 "Rethinking the Oversight Conditions of Human-Animal Chimera Research," Bioethics 35(1): 98-104
2021 "Human Brain Surrogates: Models or Distortions?" The American Journal of Bioethics 21(1): 66-68
2020 "Avoiding the potentiality trap: thinking about the moral status of synthetic embryos," Monash Bioethics Review 38: 166-180
2019 "Why is an Egg Donor a Genetic Parent, but not a Mitochondrial Donor?" Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 28(3): 488-498
2018 "Meet the New Mammoth, Same as the Old? Resurrecting the Mammuthus primigenius," Biology and Philosophy 33(5).
2018 "Is 'Assisted Reproduction' Reproduction?" The Philosophical Quarterly 68(270): 138-157

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  • Moral Dilemmas
  • Moral Problems in Medicine
  • Bioethics of Biotechnology
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Topics in Philosophy of Science: Human Nature


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Monika Piotrowska
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